Welcome to Tweed Head Markets

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What happens if it rains?
  • A: If it rains, we will not prevent stall holders from setting up, but we will not charge them a fee. If it rains after we have collected the fees, there will be no refunds, with some exceptions.
  • Q: Who do we pay the fees to and when?
  • A: Team members from the Men's Shed Market Crew will come around and collect fees around 9am.
  • Q: When is our Big Market Day?
  • We do not have a big or small market, although some of the stall holders might not set up stalls every week. We encourage all our stall holders to set up every week.
  • Q: We are a charity, what do we need to do to set up a stall?
  • A: Charity organisations must display the charity name they represent and do not pay a fee to set up. If they have their own insurance, there is no cost, but insurance is needed. We can provide insurance cover if you do not have your own. Speak to our market manager or go to the Market Office on the day if you have any other queries.